What is the Moonbow Express?

The Moonbow Express is a Vietnamese online journal accentuating the sense of connection between people and the places they’ve been.

Those connections can be anything, be it memory, experience, information, emotions or even another person.

How Does It Roll?

You can always get on board and share with us your stories in words, photos, or even a song.

We call Moonbow Express the most amazing train in the wild universe. This locomotive has passed and will arrive at wonders beyond your wildest imagination. For every passenger on board, one more destination will be added to the route. The universe of the Moonbow Express is made of stories shared from the travelers’ bonfire hearts

The journal is divided into 5 main sections.


The Common Room

This room features articles which focus on the strong bond and connections between the authors and their places. Consider it a nice grande carriage where all of us gather and share our stories, thoughts and experiences collected on the road.

Observation Deck

This section is dedicated to stunning photos of the planet Earth.  We name it like a glass carriage – perfect for immersing yourself in the environment while keeping moving.

Moonstone Library

Share with our audience what you know: the oldest buildings of Saigon, the history of the fountain in the heart of Rome, ways to find a good host on Couchsurfing, recommendations of where to go and what to do,…

Solaris Cafe

Let’s satisfy our senses in the finest way! Share with us your favorite coffee shop in town, where to find the most delish kebab, useful tips to locate the most authentic local dishes in town, etc.

Companions Lounge

In this lounge, we sit down and interview those who have got lost and been found a dozen times. If lucky, we might have a chance to know a story they have not told a single soul before.


Where Can I Get on Board?

We’re always looking for your interesting stories, unforgettable experience and your kindness. The editorial team at the Moonbow Express loves hearing from talented writers, photographers and illustrators from anywhere in the world, and will always have a need for different editorial styles. 

 If you want to share with us what you treasure in your bonfire heart, please visit the Contribute page. In case you have a question, feel free to contact us here.

Why Us?

We always look for Storytelling and Aesthetics in every article we publish. Traveling on this train, we will share our stories with each other, seek for companions, or simply enjoy the infinite beauty of everything.

Our readers are those who enjoy slow readings and are interested in experience rather than mere information.