Our Story



Once upon a time, the Moonbow Express – the most amazing train in the wild universe – came into service and has been operating ever since. It rolls, through vibrant cities and greenery highlands, across highest mountains and deepest seas, with one and only one mission: taking its passengers to the wonders of the world.

From the millions of stations along its route to every suite on board, passengers usually spot the rolling stock’s motto: Live A Magnificent Life. Legends say for each person the motto can be heard in different melody, be it a yodel or a pop tune, a rock anthem or an aria. Everybody knows the same lyric, every heart hears its own song.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a couple of tickets and have a time of your life!


The concept of the Moonbow Express website is shaped as an endless train running throughout the world. Each author, reader or featured personage is a passenger who boards this train to share stories and experience with each other.

Each section serves as a carriage with different purposes and facilities. To learn more about the structure of the Moonbow Express, please see Info.



“Live A Magnificent Life”

We chose this motto as our philosophy with the belief that everyone is living a magnificent life. The fact that you are breathing, living, loving, dreaming, cooking, learning, cleaning your house… is actually the manifestation of millions and millions of micro sophisticated arrangements which no one can perceive, except you.

In each article and photo, in each stop of the Moonbow Express, we will always keep this belief in mind: every passenger on board is living a magnificent life. We hope we can be your companions in that life for a while.

Would you want to share with us that belief? We hope so, for to live to the fullest is a great thing; but to be aware that every detail in your life is already at its fullest in its own way, it’s no less great than the former.


3594 Miles

The Moonbow Express was founded by the 3594 Miles group which is of three friends, Rio Lam, Iris Le and Zi Nguyen. Going to the same high school back in Vietnam and reuniting while studying abroad in the United States, the group’s first project was a campaign to crowdfund for their co-written travel journal, Get Lost. Be Found.

On December 16th, 2013, the project Get Lost. Be Found. was carried out with the Winter Road Trip around the United States. Departing at Dallas, Texas, the friends have driven across major cities of 28 states (including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., etc.)

Three years after the one-month Winter Road Trip, 3594 Miles launched the first version of the Moonbow Express: a digital downloadable magazine.

The rest is history.